Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Freedom of Speech

I don't feel its quite fair when McDonald's is advertising and advertising and advertising $4 billion worldwide while anti-MSG advocates get illegitimately institutionalized and drugged for carrying on their campaign, and forced penniless. (My hero, even when I don't really know much of the guy)

I find it amazing that it is becoming illegal to take photographs of industrial food in processing.

Its rather crazy that a mother of a son killed by E. Coli can't say on Food, Inc. in interview everything she knows about our system because of retaliation she may receive by the food industry, and disturbing that scientists fear losing their reputation for publishing work against fluoride.

Censor dentists that refuse to use mercury fillings, and doctors that cure "incurable" neurological diseases (by treating for toxic reaction to a flu shot and mercury toxicity), by taking away their licenses, money, and also destroy their family.

Fire columnist of the Denver Post David Wann for diagnosing America with "affluenza," the insatiable desire for more goods, (Simple Prosperity, Wann, 24) to appease the CEOs whose companies advertised in this metropolitan newspaper, and call him a terrorist for "shaking the foundations of our society."

How about two threatening letters from Monsanto to Fox TV in Tampa, FL, about their TV series on rBGH in milk, claiming there would be "dire consequences" if the station proceeded with the reports? "Management at the Fox station ordered the [investigative] reporters to make changes to the series, particularly where it addressed cancer concerns. Steven and Karen would not consent to the changes. They were even offered money to leave the station and keep quiet... They declined and were fired." (Barbee, 71)

I'm starting to see the world in terms of these looming entities: big business, Big Pharm, ADA, and AMA, that overshadow the scientists, dentists and doctors like King Kong.

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