Monday, June 7, 2010


This message by David A. Bednar became an instant hit when it first came out. My first time seeing it, I thought, "Who would go to the pain of canning pickles when you can just buy them at the store?" (Watch video "Ye Must Be Born Again" to be further enlightened to the process of home canning pickles.) My husband says I've made a 360 in the past two years, as I used to be anti-canning and anti-gardening, too. Being an economist, I judged it superior to rely on specialization of labor; make good money, and pay others to do the gruntwork of manual labor in the soil.

Debby Anglesey states that most pickles in the store have MSG, and that she has learned to make them at home in her fridge and "they're not that hard to make." Recipe in Battling the MSG Myth: A Survival Guide and Cookbook.

Upon inspecting my own Nalley Hamburger Dills the ingredients include natural flavors, yellow 5, and artificial flavors, all of which I'd rather not eat (see hidden MSG). Then I don't even know what to think about alum, calcium chloride, polysorbate 80, and polysorbate 60.

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