Friday, June 11, 2010

Grocery List Generator

I may be the only one silly enough to want this, but you know how recipe websites let you "print off a grocery list"? I think that's so useful. However, I'm not going to cook all my dinners from one website, and often I just cook my own recipes. So, I searched the web for a grocery list program, and this is what I found.Grocery List Generator This is a Firefoxadd-on, with a suggested donation of $3. It can be organized into an aisle-by aisle grocery list. It involves putting your recipes and ingredients into a database, and then generating a grocery list by selecting meals from your list, the quantity of those meals, and it makes an aisle-by-aisle organized grocery list to print. This is a gem. I was wasting lots of time in the grocery store with an unorganized list, and wanted to zip right through and save time at home doing my ingredients list. Sometimes its a huge hurdle for me to even get a grocery list. But with this, just click, and the planning's done.

Is it suitable as a food storage grocery list? For those with food storage on hand, how do you make a fresh produce/perishable items list? One weakness of grocery list generator is that you can't check off which ingredients you already have. Some generators do.

I was just blown away at how a another grocery list generator has been at my fingertips all along: An Excel Spreadsheet. has made an Excel download in which to put all the ingredients for your meals for one month, Excel multiplies it by 3, and you get to print off a 3-month food supply shopping list. I cut and paste rows so that ingredients are organized aisle-by-aisle according to my grocery store.

The down side to both of these is its takes a large time investment to start up. Entering in all your recipes can be tedious. Maybe some of you will find it worth it.

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