Thursday, June 10, 2010

Concentrated fluoridation

So, my husband asks if I used the tap or the bottled water, which we don't even know if it has fluoride or not, to cook the rice. I hadn't even thought, and just took it from the tap. He asks "what does it do to the fluoride when its cooked?" Answer is, yes, water boils out so our rice is made with concentrated flouridated water.

Another reason this fluoride is sickening is that we drink a lot of water. I probably drink a gallon+ a day, which increases my fluoride intake for me and my unborn child. Fluoride collects in our systems. I'm not sure how to get it out, or where it collects.

Remember that we get multiple doses each day: in our milk, coffee, soft drinks, juice, in our produce which has been watered with and which does absorb fluoride, along with getting absorbed by our skin in the shower, and so forth.

Watch clip on don't drink fluoridated water. She also has one on chlorine.

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