Sunday, June 27, 2010


"Dr. Mech suggests that parents stop being 'wimps' with their children's demands for junk food. He has treated children with seizures, depression, eating disorders, etc., whose symptoms completely disappeared when parents got tough about what they ate. He blames "unparented kids" and excitotoxins for delinquent, frustrated kids with "attitude". The lack of being models for "impulse control" by parents and culture, sets kids up for ADD and failure. Parents let other people and the media teach behavior which can sometimes reinforce disrespect for elders and the acceptance of violence. Add excitotoxins and you have explosive kids. How can we be examples of delayed gratification if we have lost touch with it?

He called MSG the first "gateway drug". This kind of drug leads to other drugs due to its ability to diminish impulse control at a very early age. Schools have caved in on fast foods for our children. Few serve untainted lunches anymore. He has little patience for parents and educators who say, "But it's the only thing they will eat" in reference to processed j junk foods. He disdains what he labels "Toxic Food Manufacturers (TFM's) who say, "Snack foods are important to the American diet." He criticizes doctors who are so quick to use drugs to treat children and adults for conditions (often behavioral) caused by excitotoxins. He claims that funding by drug companies compels doctors to prescribe more and more medicines. He also said 'Don't believe doctors who tell you that you or your child will probably always be on drugs.'" (Anglesey, 63)

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