Sunday, June 6, 2010


"In November of 2006 the American Dental Association instituted an interim policy and advised that parents and caregivers using an infant formula that needs to be reconstituted should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride (less than 0.3ppm). The fluoride content in many American cities is much higher than would be considered safe for infants. In Boston, MA, the fluoride concentration consumed in a day by infants would average 60% above the safe level of 0.7 mg/day for formula fed babies. While in Philadelphia, New York City and San Francisco over exposure for formula fed babies would average 44.6%. In Los Angeles the over exposure of formula fed babies would average only 15.5%." -ADA Recommendations for fluoride in Infant Diets

Ninety-percent of the fluoride we use in our water is silicoflourides, basically industrial waste. "Aluminum and fertilizer factories are heavy polluters. They attempt to recover many of the contaminants that would otherwise escape through their smokestacks with devices called scrubbers. The highly toxic junk collected from the scrubbers would cost corporations about $8000 a truckload to properly dispose of (almost $600 million per year). Besides fluoride, this poisonous soup contains varying amounts of lead, cadmium, mercury, radium, arsenic, and other contaminants. So instead of paying to dispose of this material in a toxic dump site, the aluminum and fertilizer industries actually get paid for it... The FDA calls it an 'unapproved drug.' If it is unapproved, how can they allow it in our water?"

"When old and/or faulty research (by today's standards) is tossed out, including that from other countries, there remain no reliable studies confirming the safety of water fluoridation. None. Zero. There are not even any double-blind studies showing fluoride's effectiveness. There are, however, over 500 peer-reviewed studies showing adverse effects from fluoride." -Michael Barbee, C.D.C. in his book Politically Incorrect Nutrition. Fluoride causes dental fluorosis, or white spots on the teeth, brittle bones, and in areas that are fluoridated the dental revenue is greater than in areas that are not fluoridated.

Here's a company that sells filters for flouride, chlorine, MBTE, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and other contaminants. They have great material on their website Friends of, and it may seem odd to seek for information on the safety of flouride from sellers of fluoride filters, but I don't believe it invalidates them and I recommend reading their site.

The amount of fluoride in our water, 1 ppm, is not what we're actually ingesting. Fluoride gets absorbed into plants, thus all the fluoride we're giving them in waterings we get back, with fluoride in our tomatoes and other produce, in our milk from the water given to cows, in our sodas, we breathe it in in the shower, etc. We get multiple doses each day. No one is going to be fluoride free by using a water filter.

Take action to stop fluoridation: on-line petition to political representatives

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