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In the past I've had the philosophy "A little dirt won't hurt," ie., what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger: Bring it on! All my learning about the poisons we're exposed to, and how they affect our health, though, leads me want to detox. I Googled it briefly, and this is what I found.

How to detox:

Our body naturally detoxes using: 1. Pee 2. Poo 3. breathing (deep breathing exercises?) 4. sweat (as in exercise or using a hot sauna) - That's good news. So, drinking a lot of water helps detox. Unfortunately, pure water is hard to come by, unless filtered or distilled from fluoride, chlorine, and other heavy metals. Fiber naturally helps move bowels. There's also pills to help (Dr. cleanse, nutura) and enemas. See the Gerson coffee bean enema used on cancer patients.

5. Using a special diet of commonly non-allergenic foods and lots of organic fruits and vegetables. We don't want to add anything new (pesticides, herbicides) to the body to add to the burden, and get the nutrients in from fruits and veggies to aid in detox. Using a green leafy vegetable can be a detox. (Also good news. Easy enough. Sounds kind of whimpy, though, if the government already recommends 3 a week.) See which vegetables are green leafy.

Here's a few diets:
Maximized Living-developed detox diet
MSG detox diet to see if you're sensitive to MSG.Video Jug
Clean Up Your Diet by Max Tomlinson (see below)

Here's two videos on detoxing (very good) by the psychtruth clinic from Dr. Bellonzi (describes how and why to cleanse) plus a second video. Avoid extreme detox plans out there!

Additionally, in the case of mercury or lead toxicity there's chelation therapy.

Once we are detoxed, in order to prevent wrecking what we've just achieved, its good to kind of stay in this range of eating, close to these diets. But detoxing is usually a short-term diet that you can come off of. Its also important to avoid use of heavy chemicals in cleaners, on our lawns, in our cookware, wherever they're found.

6. Many toxins are excreted from our body to our tongue, so scraping the tongue when one first gets up with a wooden popsicle stick helps to detox.

My landlady says that ion foot bath detox works, as do specific brand of shoe inserts (see 1, 2, 3). Sounds crazy, huh? Her daughter in law was relieved of back pain and fatigue. Then, there's pure organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and lemons, too.

What am I specifically looking to detox from? The environmental toxins aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, fluoride, MSG, aspartame, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, food dyes, and excessive vaccinations (see end of Behavior and Nutrition video). "All of these play an important role in brain toxicity, brain function, and your behavior" says Dr. Blaylock. I don't know if just a diet will expel all of these, or if it takes chelation therapy in the case of heavy metals. Additionally, estrogens in the environment are difficult to avoid; I doubt they're able to be removed, just avoided. We have lots of estrogens introduced to our environment through modern production such as BPA, PCBs, and pthalates.

Of course besides bodily detox, its also vital to spiritually detox. (See video)
Kevin Trudeau states that the words we say, the things we watch on TV, all contribute to our ability to combat disease. These things can build up more toxins in our system. Many times stress relief can be a very effective cure, even for cancer.

Update: July 3
I didn't even realize while writing this that I had a detox diet plan right on my shelf. This book is wonderful, complete with a daily menu and recipes for detoxing over a weekend, in a week, or doing a one-month diet, for either a digestion, energy, ailment, or overall cleanse. Clean Up Your Diet by Max Tomlinson is available at Neill Public Library.

Update July 9, 2010:
Kevin Trudeau in his book "Natural Cures" lists seven cleanses to do:
1. a colon cleanse (start with this)
2 a liver/gall bladder cleanse (then this)
2. a kidney/bladder cleanse
4. a heavy metal cleanse
5. a parasite cleanse
6. a Candida yeast cleanse (read Lifeforce or visit
7. a whole body cleanse
Find out about these cleanses by visiting the local health food store or searching the internet.

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