Monday, June 7, 2010

Food, Inc.

Watch the movie trailer from Robert Kenner films. It just gives me chills!

The movie trailer (click here!)

This is a food documentary, that's entertaining enough, with computer graphics, etc. The movie discusses:
  • Where our chicken come from
  • Where our beef comes from
  • E. Coli
  • Working conditions
  • Organics are here to stay: penetrating the Walmart market, and
  • Monsanto
I'd never heard of Monsanto, (funny thing is, I was listening to one of my CDs* a few weeks later and it was mentioned... ?!) and it was a little confusing to me in the movie what was going on, but they were putting small farmers out of business because they have patents on seed. If one seed falls into a farmers' field, it belongs to Monsanto.

The Iguanas of New Orleans 2003 Plastic Silver 9 volt Heart Yesterday (listen here) "Now they're suing Monsanto for a chemical release" My husband says they illegally dumped waste on a town heavily populated with minorities. Someone in my institute class said lots of farmers in India are committing suicide because of the problems they have with Monsanto.

So, this movie is supposed to gross us out over what we're eating. I was disappointed that I wasn't totally grossed out, but I think I will reconsider buying Eaton beef from Colfax, WA, which the ladies at PS are crazy about. At first, I couldn't understand why I'd want to buy it if its not even cheaper than what's in the store; now I see the value of homegrown beef. Maybe I'll buy a year's worth and can my own bottles.

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  1. "Just to be a little philosophical about this-

    "Back in the 70’s, people were saying there was going to be a huge famine towards the end of the century, we just could not produce enough food for 6 billion people. It never happened. Why? Because companies like Monsanto applied their technology to producing huge amounts of food. Is the food tainted? Perhaps, but at least 3 billion people have a life, which they would not have had if we hadn’t made progress in producing more food. If we all go organic, the food will be less tainted, but people will have a hard time producing enough.

    "If companies are producing bad stuff that is making people sick because of money, they need to repent. We know that the world (including ourselves) need to repent.

    "There is a whole world of hurt coming because people refuse to repent, so if you want a cause to get behind, get behind the repentance cause. It’s a pretty tiny cause, you don’t hear much about it, but it is the only way to avoid the desolation that is coming. Not only will this take care of the problems caused by tainted food, but it will also help with every other malady out there and there are a lot worse ones than tainted food.

    "The tainted food will be a gray area for many years to come- if things take decades to develop, the research is going to be a long time in coming because the researchers will die before it gets finished and it is hard to keep up the work.

    "But people need to repent now. So if you want a cause to get involved in, take up repentance and ease up on the tainted food. According to God, it’s the best cause to get behind!"

    -e-mail response by reader