Saturday, June 19, 2010

America: the Land of Plenty

Dear Mr. President,

My people are starving! We have a shortage of real food! My husband and my family are beside ourselves about what to eat! Our food is full of high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, sugar, MSG, aspartame, fluoride, often of little nutritional value. Add to that GMO foods, pesticides, herbicides, and homogenized milk. Our people are sick, and their bodies are suffer from food reactions of rage, ADHD, depression, obesity, headaches, fibromyalgia, etc., etc., etc. We're filling the prisons and popping more pills than ever. You'd think we were a third world country instead of "developed" with the way kids are "deficient" (by government standards) in so many essential vitamins and minerals, over half in vitamin A and iron, and people are still contracting scurvy.

Sure, at home I can avoid these things by reading labels, but what if I am ever sent into a rest home, with the typical American diet high in all these dangers? What about when I get sent to a hospital, or heaven forbid a prison, and served the same hazards on my plate? What about patients that go in for brain surgery, returning with a brain that is feeble and more susceptible to glutamate toxicity, and unwittingly administered a liquid diet full of excitotoxins? Worse yet, what am I going to do about about sending my kids to public school?

Heads should roll in our aristocratic elite, namely, the "glutes," the FDA (who appointed these guys anyway?), the FTC, corporate "food" entities, chemical and biotech producers, Big Pharm, and all the big business lobbyists, who shortchange real information about health and are spending big bucks everywhere keeping us sick. They're sucking the life out of the servant class, making us sick and resorting to drugs, which leads to further problems and more drugs and money. To the Guillotine!

President Obama:

So, you say MSG is making you sick, eh? Isn't that just an essential amino acid?

Well, you know, we don't recite, "We the people," for nothing; you can't expect the people in Washington to do all the work for you. Keep blogging and hope people forward the information as they find fit to their friends. Some will go along, others won't. It would also be a good idea to write local leaders and state governments, and the producers of food.

Look at the case of trans fats and BPA. The FDA really didn't do anything about it until public opinion practically forced it to do its work. Once public is educated and people start talking, then you have a little more leverage over big business. Otherwise, its just going to rule this nation. (Believe me, I know; got paid $200,000 just yesterday from another drug company.) [j/k]

We care about you, and we want our people to have the best schools, best healthcare, best criminal justice. America is a world leader in a global economy! So, you say the people are starving? Hmm, perhaps, we should let them eat cake?

Me: Very insightful, Mr. President. We do have an obesity problem in this country, but perhaps cake is just the trick. Thanks for the insight, and perhaps we won't starve after all... as,

Homemade pudding doesn't call for sodium caseinateI've never seen a recipe for ice cream that called for carageenan,
and homemade chocolate syrup doesn't have Xanthan gum added to thicken and prevent separation, and
homemade granola
doesn't have whey protein concentrate.I'd never want to eat a store-bought cake again, but perhaps homemade would be alright.

...We just need to grow (and demand) more healthy food!

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