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Autism Debate with Jenny McCarthy on The Doctors Part One

Are You Concerned About Vaccinations?


This totally happens, like to our landlady's brother. He was an athletic young kid that got in a terrible car accident with his friends when he was 20. He lived to be in his 60s, but suffered incredible neurological damage. He couldn't walk well, but he could run just fine. It was like different parts of his brain controlled those two things. I think he could walk backwards, too, I can't remember.

Desiree Jennings' Road to Recovery with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar
Desiree's story is totally random, rare, and unlikely to be repeated. I just had to show it because its so interested how vaccines can affect brain function. Isn't it so lunatic the AMA wants to revoke Dr. Buttar's license? I think she would have died if she hadn't found him when she did.

Dr. Karp
The Doctors Part 2
MSG is in vaccines (chicken pox vaccine, many more), and here is an awesome flow chart showing how a variety of factors provoke autism.

There are a lot of things in vaccines that just shouldn't be! If they're giving kids thimerosol (mercury)-free vaccines, shouldn't everyone be getting them? Not anyone over age 3! (read story in Pittsuburg Post-Gazette)

More dirt on vaccines from National Vaccine Information Center

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court - Now What? This is awesome! read this about how the courts uphold that a vaccine cause autism in an 18-month old girl. Its probably one in a million that the court claims autism is caused by vaccines, probably every other case out there has lost, but this is a start, to confirm what the parents of autistic children are saying!

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