Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to reduce cholesterol

Eat oat bran! It cleans those clogged arteries right up. Oat bran is actually kind of sweet, and I think its yummy. It can be boiled plain and eaten like oatmeal, in bran muffins, or breads. Anything's better than medications, if you can avoid it.

My husband says some entity didn't like Cheerios advertising on the front of the box "Lower your cholesterol 4% in 6 weeks." I don't know if it was a drug company or exactly who, but its not a false claim!

What I get out of this is that high cholesterol is not a bad thing; cholesterol is one of the building blocks of cell formation. High cholesterol is just a sign of another problem; its like having a high number of antigens in our bodies. Antigens are not something we want to get rid of, but an indicator that the body is being attacked by something dangerous. So it is with cholesterol. If its at a high level, perhaps something is wrong. We don't fix it by keeping the liver from producing cholesterol (using drugs); that will just make it worse!

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