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Strange stories

Meniere's disease

"I got a call in Feb. 1999 from Robert Cupp. His story goes like this:

One and a half years ago he was slated for brain surgery to cut a nerve that his doctor told him would stop his spinning dizziness from Meniere's disease, a procedure that might leave him with a need to relearn certain motor skills. He'd already suffered what doctors thought were heart attacks requiring defibrillation. But when his heart showed no damage from these attacks, he was tested for a brain tumor. After the horrible dizziness and nausea began, the next step was this serious surgery. Meanwhile his mother found, ordered the book and Robert gave MSG elimination a try. Well, his symptoms disappeared! A chiropractor friend tested him with a little bit of Accent under his tongue and had him lie on his stomach on the table. The chiropractor watched in amazement as three vertibrae moved out of place and his leg pulled into it's socket as muscles contracted (burning backache or sciatic conditions may often be a result of MSG). When Robert reported what he had learned to the surgeon and told him that he didn't need surgery after all, the surgeon told him that he was talking nonsense and that he had better be in for his scheduled surgery or not to bother coming back at all. Needless to say, Robert didn't. He called to thank me for saving him from an awful fate." (Anglesey, 62)


"A clinical pharmacist, Jerry Smith, from the University of Florida found our web site and contacted us for more information. He has written a case report on Fibromyalgia patients whose symptoms markedly improved after decreasing the MSG in their diets. With the help of their physicians, he submitted the report to the JAMA for publication in 1998. We can only hope that more doctors will become alerted to the real dangers of MSG, aspartame, and other excitotoxins as a result. Debbie Hypes has compiled a list of over 100 people who were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and who were "cured by excitotoxin eliminatoin. More scientific studies and cold hard facts will eventually make a difference in this uphill battle. We increasingly hear from FMS patients who, after using the information in our book, are symptom free or notice a decrease in symptoms." (Anglesey, 58)

"'I can report that by 100% elimination of excitotoxins from my diet, I am 100% free from Fibromyalgia. Glutamates in any form can put me right back down. I share your website with all who come to me for help. I can't thank you enough for your website and I love your cookbook.'" (Marcia, qtd. in Anglesey, 61)

Crohn's Disease

"I have always reacted to MSG but until I had my son 14 years ago it wasn't debilitating. After I had him I sttarted to get migraines, suffer from severe depression, mood swings, exhaustion, I was 50 pounds overweight, etc. I found Debby's site about 5 years ago when I was doing a search for food allergy triggers. I omitted MSG but didn't pay a lot of attention to the hidden names for it until about 8 months ago when I had to do something about my daughter's physical and mental heath. She was diagnosed as bipolar and taking Paxil, she had an ulcer and was taking Aciphix, she was put on Antivert for dizziness, the doctor said that she was developing Crohn's Disease... she was barely 18 at the time. She went totally off the wall when she went away to college and its was over summer break that I knew that we had to do something. The total MSG elimination was a kind of last resort but I am ecstatic to say that she is fine now and so am I. In the past 8 months I have lost around 35 pounds and I never go hungry, my energy has doubled, my depression is gone, I hardly get any cramps from my period, my moods have stabilized.. I feel great. So many people want to know what diet I went on and when I tell them that it isn't a diet that it's a change of lifestyle they lose interest because it's too hard. My daughter lives ina dorm room without kitchen facilities and a hotpot and a microwave to cook with, so if she can do it anyone can. My 14 year old son tells me that he can think a lot clearer and he fells a lot better." Jodi

Multiple symptoms

"'I began suffering from extreme migraines. I would become nauseous and would often vomit. The emergency room was the only relief quite a few times. I saw doctors at Johns Hopkins and spent $150 on different medicines, to no avail. Doctors said it was stress. I started getting sick a lot which was out of the ordinary. In three months I had strep throat and bronchitis, each twice, and the flue a number of times. I also had shortness of breath and light headedness. After five months of this, I had hit rock bottom. I received a call from home telling me about the effect MSG had on Debby and her family. It sounded so familiar so I immediately went off MSG products. Within a week, I felt like a new person. My headaches were gone and my throat, which was always sore, felt better. My ears no longer hurt and I actually began to sleep soundly for the first time in years. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and lay there for two to three hours before falling asleep again. I have so much more energy, and I can concentrate for longer periods of time. In college, my teachers would ask if I had attention disorder because of my short attention span. I had suffered from water retention for years. No longer! I now lead a regular life as long as I watch what I eat.'" (Carrin Story age 21, qtd. in Anglesey, 61)

Heart Palpitations

"I just thought I'd share how helpful your side was to us. My otherwise healthy 16 year old daughter began having heart palpitations this summer (some so severe that she felt close to passing out). An EKG was normal so an appointment was scheduled with a pediatric cardiologist for an echocardiogram. While researching this online using the key word heart palpitations I came across I was already very familiar with the damage MSG can do. It triggers migraines in several family members so it is avoided stringently 8in our home. But your site made me aware of some other sources- namely soy protein and carrageenan. Not surprisingly the echocardiogram showed her hear to be anatomically perfect. Also not surprisingly, once she stopped ingesting soy protein, my daughter's palpitations stopped. Just thought you might be interested. Thanks you for the service your site provides" Jenora"


"'I am so much more clear headed now and can concentrate. I used to get depressed, especially during the dark days of winter. But, I'm no longer bothered by that and I'm happier and upbeat. My headaches and dizziness are gone since eliminating MSG and aspartame. Your book has helped me immensely and it's not as difficult to eat as I thought it would be.'" (Doug Larson, qtd. in Anglesey, 61)

"I work as a psychiatric nurse. I have shared my knowledge with fellow nurses and patients. You can't believe the responses I have had. One boy's peeling hands cleared and so did his depression. A lady with chronic fatigue syndrome and suicidal thoughts is a new person. My co-worker, who was having low blood sugar and horrible fibromyalgia is completely controlled. She screwed up two days ago and ate some msg just chancing it at a party and her husband found her on the floor unconscious with blood sugar of 30 in the middle of the night. Another CNA at my work place went to the hospital for chronic bouts of abdominal pain. She had several diagnoses. I told her to stop the hourly diet sodas (aspartame), she did, and she is pain free. I could go on and on. I am spreading the word. But for every one that listens, another laughs and refuses to believe it is this simple.

"My mom was on Xanax, and antidepressants for panic an depressive disorder. We cleaned out her cupboards and I gave her the list of no-nos. Guess what?? No more Xanax, no more Seroquel. She can't believe it. She thinks I'm a genius. I can help every single person with some problem just by telling them about MSG and other neurotoxins. My dad with knee pain was thinking of surgery. I noticed he would snack on those tidbits snacks with the yeast extract and spices all day long. I had a hunch and suggested he go without for a week. While he still consumed other forms of MSG, eliminating this constant all day supply helped incredibly. The idea of surgery is now history. So, I am free from my hives, my son is free from his migraines and low platelet problem, my husband is no longer requiring a nap in the middle of the day or using pills for allergies. Connection? I think a connection is VERY CLEAR!!" (Shiela, quoted in Anglesey, 73)


"Christmas and other holidays are more difficult for avoidance. This is the time in the past when we have been headachy and sick from November to January. NO MORE!! We cannot enjoy these dinners anywhere else but home because most people cook with extra seasonings and MSG laden turkeys and hams at this time of year. My daughter had a hard time not eating her in-laws' meals, feeling rude if she didn't. Knowing that they contained MSG ingredients, she hoped there wouldn't be enough in the meal to hurt her. Within half an hour she felt the familiar wooziness and flushing and headache beginning. They checked over labels as her husband pointed out ingredient after ingredient. They finally realized she'd be happier eating a peanut butter sandwich than nursing a 3-day migraine with little children to take care for. Now they scramble to make sure there is something for her to eat. So don't be afraid to take care of yourself and speak up for yourself. Diabetics get respect and MSG sensitive people need to insist on it, too." (Anglesey, 43)


"For years since about the age of five, Alex always felt dizzy, growling stomach, she threw up often and had headaches. Always her doctor would test the sugar levels and tell me there was nothing wrong with her. We went to the neurologist because of the dizziness and the vision problems that started occurring at about age seven.

On and on through the years we coped with headaches, body aches, neck aches, dizziness and her inability to learn her lines (she studied acting). At 19, Alex couldn't function anymore. She had a headache everyday. Could not go out with her friends for fear of getting ill and having to run home with a headache. Often going to the hospital for shots when the headache reached a "10". So, she decided to do something about it and started going to many doctors. She had her wisdom teeth removed. Her sinuses were operated on. She went to yoga classes. She got glasses but she kept getting worse. My 10 year old child would lie in my arms with dark circles, chills, shivers, headaches, and many tears shed. I grew desperate and helpless. I read your information on the Internet and bought your book [Battling the MSG Myth: A Survival Guide and Cookbook]. That was about one month ago and my child is happy and healthy. Now in the evenings instead of lying in my arms in pain, she's out having a good time or taking lessons of some sort. All the pain in her body has ceased and the headaches are almost gone completely. She understands it's the MSG, and once in a while, will eat something she shouldn't and will get sick. But she's learning to heat correctly when she's out, and your book has been a blessing. You make it so easy,you give so many alternatives and the recipes are delicious. We are all eating better. Once again, thank you for caring." Rose Martinez

Anaphylactic shock

"I began with symptoms of lightheadedness and diarrhea which became progressively worse over the years. After eating in a restaurant, I had a "reaction" with anaphylactic shock. I awoke in the emergency department seven hours later with a severe facial injury due to the fall when I lost consciousness. I was intubated, had facial x-rays and a head CT scan while unconscious. Adrenalin was administered which saved my life.

"I was lucky- there was a physician at the restaurant at the time of my "reaction" who knew what was going on and insisted that ambulance personnel not try to treat me at the scene but to get me directly to the hospital which was minutes away. This physician who was in the restaurant came to see me before my release from the hospital and she stressed the importance of not believing anyone who told me this was not MSG induced. I had a battery of tests after my release, all inconclusive. People do not wan tot believe that something they consider so benign can be deadly. I am living proof that MSG is not benign to all people but feel as though I am on my own as far as protecting myself." (Sharon)


"You would think we would learn. We ordered out pizza from Papa Johns and my son had one piece. He had a seizure during that night and again last night and has several little ones throughout the day. He hadn't had a seizure for four weeks and I let my guard down just once and boom!! I am so angry at what MSG does to his little system. We had been doing so well and I thought that if he got a little he could handle it. How wrong was I." (Sue M.)


"The Aspartame Consumer Safety Network, Inc., has received over 600 pilot related calls. Pilots call to tell about their discovery that aspartame caused several of them to lose their licenses to fly because they were unaware at the time that the diet shake, sodas, or aspartame sweetened coffee they had been consuming had any relation to symptoms that could have caused fatal results. They have described terrible in-flight incidents which involved seizures, vertigo, tremors, temporary black outs, visual problems, convulsions, disorientation, confusion, and loss of memory. One pilot said, since the FDA hasn't addressed the issue and declared it unsafe, the FAA can't recognize aspartame reactions in their regulations. He was able to retain his job by agreeing to go through and alcohol rehab center with his doctor using some syndrome name on his report. He had never had an alcohol problem, but he was forced to go through the motions just for the record. Another pilot, USAF Major Michael Collings, testified at the third Senate hearing on the safety of aspartame. He related that he remembered that he was free of tremors whenever he flew to remote areas where there was no access to diet soda or sugar-free Kool Aid. But his tremors eventually because so severe that a grand mal seizure finally hospitalized him and ended his flying career. He even had to turn down two invitations to join the prestigious Thunderbirds. He eventually learned of the cause of his seizures in 1985.

"Another pilot, willing to reveal his experiences, is George E. Leighton, whose vision became so blurred that he could not read panel instruments and narrowly avoided an accident in landing. He said that even partial impairment to a pilot can have tragic results. Leighton now tries to spread the word to other pilots and he investigates suspicious flying incidents. After submitting a letter to the editor of the U.S. Air Force "Flying Safety" magazine, they printed an "Aspartame Alert" to all Air Force pilots. In his letter, he mentioned that certain individuals in government have used their power to misdirect the FDA, the FAA, and the DOD about the safety of aspartame because of special interests. He went so far as to say that if some of these people had not intervened, a grand jury would, more than likely, have indicted some of the producers of aspartame for fraud and criminal behavior in the concealment of the dangerous effects of aspartame from the FDA. It is pilot Leighton's opinion that lives and careers are being risked and that aspartame is just as dangerous to pilots and their flight crews as a faulty instrument or other component." (Anglesey, 13)

(Excerpts from Battling the MSG Myth: A Survival Guide and Cookbook by Debby Anglesey)


"I have received calls from several patients suffering from ALS [amyotrophic lateral sclerosis] who have told me that their doctors, who staff some of the largest ALS clinics and research centers in the country, confidentially tell them to avoid MSG and aspartame. The reason they are reluctant to go public with this is because they fear ridicule by colleagues and the industry." -Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D., in his book Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills, p 249

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