Friday, May 21, 2010

Top ten (17) reasons to Homecook

The top reasons to do home cooking are

17. Time
16. Dishes
15. Its when you've got pizza dough all over your fingers that you realize you still need to get the pan ready and grease it.
14. Its almost time for dinner and an ingredient or two is missing or rotten.
13. Dinner flat-out ends up all over the floor.
12. Planning and shopping for meals
11. Your significant other always comes home on time.
10. The kids don't eat it.
9. You always know where you'll be at 4pm.
8. Its always kind of a mystery what time it will be ready.
7. You get to pick it up off the floor in bits after dinner's over.
6. After the infant's been crying for an hour and a half because she's a) been neglected and b) smells the really good meal your making for the family that just had a baby, you get all packed in the car and drive off to deliver it when you hear glass shattering. You look in the rear-view mirror and realize that that was their dessert that just slid off the roof of the car (oops) and your 7x11 Pyrex pan is in tiny pieces.
5. The oversized serving spoon gets a little top-heavy in the little 1.5 qt. saucepan and flips out onto the baby. The sauce that was "boiling" runs down his head, through his shirt, and the skin peels off his little chest.
4. Its more nutritious (but still has MSG in it. See pitfalls of homecooking)
3. Get to choose what you eat, make it your way, try something exotic
2. Save money
...and the number one reason to make homemade meals is:
1. You'll be self reliant and ready to cook in an emergency

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