Saturday, May 22, 2010

More About Me

I don't know if these details are pertinent, but in case it is of curiosity, I'd like to tell a few more details about myself than what is included in the column at right.

I don't buy organic (yet), I don't live off a garden (yet), I see an M.D. and not a midwife, homeopath, or acupuncturist, I have not filtered my water since we used up our wedding present, I don't shop at a health food store, just the generic, to date I've used just disposable diapers, I don't have any known food allergies (yet), I don't even have a food storage right now*, just beans enough to last 3 months, because we're moving soon, my kids are all immunized and I got my flu shot this year (but would change the latter if I could), I don't even read the paper or watch the news (crazy), and again, I'm not an expert on any of the label-topics here!

All of this may change in the near future, though.

* Note: I do have my Excel spreadsheet completed, and the money, so its just a matter of printing off the list and buying it!

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