Friday, July 2, 2010

Going Green

My husband came home with these Naturecare diapers about a month ago. (Have you noticed he's doing my shopping? Isn't that so nice? Please don't turn green of envy.)

I was surprised when he brought them home. I asked him if he knew how much faster these biodegraded than Huggies, and wondered how much they cost. I think they were about 4 times as much. The link above is even cheaper, at 46 cents per diaper, whereas Huggies are about 22 cents per diaper.

My husband said he heard me talking about how we should go green on diapers. I said I wasn't serious, just thinking about it. I think it was a leap, though, into the darkness. We can go green! It is possible. This was a big step in letting go of old ways.

I do still want to know how quickly they biodegrade. They say "compostable," whatever that means. There's also hybrid diapers that are cloth with disposable inserts that biodegrade, and I think that's more what I was shooting for. Cloth would be great, too, even though they have downsides: stinky, require energy for washing, and water.

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