Friday, July 2, 2010

Avista renewable power

"When you sign up for Buck-A-Block, you make a voluntary payment above and beyond your normal rates. Avista makes no profit from that additional money, which goes to support the renewable energy many of our customers prefer by purchasing environmental offset from renewable energy generation.

"We also offer a renewable generation incentive (RGI) for Washington customers who install their own renewable energy systems, like solar panels, wind turbines or anaerobic digesters. To qualify, your system must be on the grid."

We tried this, and it is so easy. Wind energy is getting very close in price to the cheapest alternative. If its normally $26 dollars for a block of energy, the going rate is $1 more for the energy to be completely from wind energy. You can even buy extra blocks for your neighbors to make more energy use renewable.

Avista also offers many more incentives to be more energy efficient, and will recycle or reimburse old appliances.

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