Monday, April 12, 2010

How to find MSG in the food label

The FDA has been petitioned by very educated and well informed people to acknowledge that MSG is a danger in our foods (this petition is very interesting, and you may read it here). However, the food industry loves to use this ingredient (its getting into more and more foods each year that used to be safe, by food manufacturers that either only care about our money or are ignorant), and it has over 40 different names. Glutamate is found naturally in our food, but when glutamate is synthesized and added to our food, it has carcinogens and mirror image molecules in it, which of course cause cancer and creates more toxins than our brains can handle, which results in irreversible brain damage and neurodegenerative diseases. Also, when its processed, its broken down, instead of ingested slowly as occurs from ingesting healthy ("normal") foods, which then floods our brains and excites our neurons to the point of death. (See more here). MSG is a drug, not a flavor enhancer or spice; its an excitotoxin and its neurotoxic. Pregnant women, children under 3, and anyone that doesn't want Alzheimer's or Parkinson's shouldn't be eating MSG.

So, what to do? Get a list of MSG ingredient names, print it off right away, and post it to your fridge! But, still, best of luck in trying to avoid it. Click here for your own MSG ingredient names list to print and refer to in the grocery store and at home.

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