Friday, October 29, 2010

Candida Yeast cleanse

Due to the overuse of antibiotics, many of us have an overgrowth of candida yeast in our system. This upset of the natural flora and fauna in our system releases toxins into our bloodstream, resulting in a myriad of symptoms.

Jeffrey S. McCombs claims to have the best plan to combat and cleanse from candida yeast, superior to other methods that have failed. However, the six steps must all be followed strictly, or don't even start he states. One of the steps is sweating 6 times a week, so this is going to take some dedication! Its a sixteen-week+ cleanse, too. He says its simple, though. It includes:

1. the diet
2. a sweating regimen
3. water consumption
4. anti-fungal supplement (Candida Force)
5. detox supplement (Detox Essentials, basically vitamin C), and
6. acidophilus supplement (Flora Prime 5 capsules 2 times a day 20-30 minutes before meals)

Above are his recommendations for supplements, which he gets no moneys from but are available through his web site.

It has performed miracles for people that felt hopeless and were labeled by doctors as "hypochondriacs." The saunas are not optional, and remove lots of symptoms and toxins from deep within the tissues. Can't wait to do that.

My question is, since he states we have over 500 naturally occuring symbiotic bacteria in our system, 300-400 living in the gut, how are we to restore all 500 after they're wiped out by antibiotics?

Update Nov 5, 2010:
Read the whole book, and while his cleanse is highly recommended by Kevin Trudeau, author of "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About," McCombs has some pretty strange health philosophies and theories.

My doctor said the basic cleanse (if it doesn't contain the wormwood) from the RENEW plan would be okay during breastfeeding, as would the liver cleanse, and saunas. The heavy metal cleanse she recommended not doing, as when you're detoxing, the toxins can exit through the breast milk. So, why would I want to do any? Also, its okay to use probiotics and acidophilus supplements during breastfeeding, but not the pills that actively destroy the yeast overgrowth. I was a little concerned, as with all three children I will have been on antibiotics for strep B during labor, which upset the balance of bacteria in the gut and could lead to a yeast overgrowth.

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